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Hi, I only started with Astroneer about 3 weeks ago. As a late starter not having had to undergo earlier builds, I feel I have a blank slate to value the gameplay as it is. Not as how it evolved. So: sandstorms on Terran are way too frequent. When they happen, you can literally do nothing and seen as how long they last, their occurrence is too often. The terrain is too unforgiving to traverse in any kind of rover. You get stuck every 5 seconds behind small boulders if you're not careful and they make driving a train impossible. Having to be on foot to see the compass is annoying.  I landed on Exotic and couldn.t take more than 6 steps without risking falling in a canyon. There was no flat surface in any direction. There are more things but to sum it up as a whole: there are far too many things and/or gameplay mechanics that hamper the player's progress. And in result they make the game not all that fun to play. Realism is one thing, but a game should always be fun in the end. Not a chore.

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I also started just a handful of weeks ago. I mostly agree with this assessment. I do t believe those things make the game bit fun. I love it. But those things the original poster pointed out so hamper the enjoyment. Storms on Terran need to be less often and also we need something to do while we wait. Heck, just make the q key work and give us access to the research panel. More things to do might be nice but that alone would help a lot. 

Also I would prefer slightly shorter rocks or rovers with more ground clearance. In real life I have a lift kit on my four wheel drive truck. If I was stuck on these planets I would darn surre mod my rovers. 

That said it is only slightly a problem. And with a large rover with two trailers you plow over almost all rocks. 

Mall in all I love the game and can’t wait for the directed content. I also hope there is a bit of a story line coming in 1.0. It does not need much.  But every time I see a wreck site I think about what cool story must be behind these lost outposts. Putting something along those lines into the game would really plus up the immersion. 

Exotics rough terrain was tricky but I am ok with some planets being mostly open (Barren) and others not. 

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@Reversion & @Rbox - I have to admit that there is not much fun to be had in a sandstorm, but it is part of the exploration experience. I love watching them...

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Terran planet has a lot of storms, thats why i always build my terran bases underground. Not only do you not notice the storms anymore but all the best goodies are usually underground so now they are that much closer to bring back to your base. The only time you need to hit the surface is in your large rover to check crash sites and such. You can even put your vehicle bays u derground and land your space ships directly underground without any issues.

As for the exotic planet, this is why you need to bring extra jets and a beacon with you.  If you land in such a crappy place to explore then you hop in your ship and keep trying new spots till you find one suitable for a base and then mark it so you know where to come back to.  Some parts of this game are meant to be realistic in a way, if you spun a globe around and picked a random spot on our earth to be dropped into directly while wearing a space suit there is a real good chance you'd end up in a spot where you cant move around due to the terrain.

I have 3  buddies that i talked into buying the game a month ago and they really enjoy the extra challenge. Game hard man! Lol :)

(The undergeound base seen here is my latest terran base)



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