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Zebraballs - Steam - Multiple bugs

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I've had the game for two years and got two friends playing.

We are doing our first coop play through and these are the bugs we've encountered.

  • Small solar charge bars stuck mid air when platform was moved.
  • Other players entering a small space shuttle is not sitting in the chair, clipping through the floor.
  • First non host small space shuttle trip went down through the planet.
  • Non host player landing on the moon with invisible space shuttle = stranded. Press F to pay respects.
  • Exiting medium rover starts loud motor sound. Disappears when you enter it again. Very loud.
  • Invisible items on medium rover sometimes, for non hosting players.
  • Battery indication on medium rover is buggy and power only consumed by host player. Non host players can drive forever.
  • Delay to enter a vehicle after E is presses completely.
  • Medium rovers can not always be entered by all players.
  • Holding Ctrl to flatten terrain on Tundra caused long jumps with the dig tool. This was not present on Terran. Jump was as most like the diameter of the dig circle.
  • Alignment mod behavior is strange, I remember it being more intuitive and easier to use. 
  • Died from a storm while entering the main habitat in base, resulted in my corpse getting stuck inside it and no way to retrieve the items in the backpack.
  • Smelter glitched almost immediately and left an unusable item that later just rolled around on the ground.


Vehicle dynamics are at a much better point right now and driving felt great which was probably one of my biggest issues since 1-2 years ago. Thumbs up!

Performance issues are still present and the host fps is reduced by 50% in the base. It is starting to get big but still, most things are not moving or have interaction. We tried removing basically all tethers and got a slight improvement.


This is just from one rather long session but we have only gone to Tundra with small shuttles once ( and one buggy suicide to Barren ). I hope simple bugs like this is fixed in the release next month. I am not sure though why you would keep bug fixes from the alpha and save them for the release. I am looking forward to 1.0 and hope you have a lot of fixes in it.



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