Idea for more flexible and strategic space travel

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This idea consists of two aspects:

  • Shuttles have an additional, wider travel range which consumes more fuel.
  • Shuttles consume less fuel when launching from smaller planets or moons.

Currently, when using a shuttle to reach another planet, sometimes one has to wait quite a long time before a destination planet orbits into range. My suggestion is to have an additional, greater range which avoids this need to wait for most of the time but requires more fuel than the "normal" range. The player should be able to choose between the two ranges, with the possible trade-off between waiting for a far planet to come into range and spending more fuel to reach the destination faster. The wider range should only be available if the shuttle is carrying a sufficient amount of fuel.

The second part of my suggestion is to have shuttles consume less fuel when launching from smaller planets or moons, like Barren and Radiated (and maybe also Exotic). This would have an impact especially on how long solid fuel thrusters last. Currently, solid fuel thrusters allow only one interplanetary trip before they are depleted. With more fuel left after launching from small planets, a solid fuel thruster may allow for at least one additional interplanetary trip. This would make smaller planets more attractive for use as "space ports" in the early game, i.e. when only solid fuel thrusters are available.

With both aspects of this suggestion combined, solid fuel thrusters could have enough fuel left after launching from a smaller planet to do a single far range interplanetary trip, which would otherwise not be possible with such thrusters.

This suggestion would allow for a more strategic and flexible space travel without increasing the game's difficulty for the player.

As an alternative, the range of solid fuel thrusters could be made smaller than it currently is. Only after launching from a smaller planet the range currently used in the game was available. This would further enhance the strategic aspect of space travel but also increase the game's difficulty for reaching other planets. Additionally, the in-game progression from using solid fuel thrusters to hydrazine as fuel would feel even more distinct and rewarding.

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I like this idea.  It works well with the Hydrazine fuel tank/propulsion system as well.

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There is the big shuttle which has a huge tank that can be used multiple times before draining, but i do believe it would be nice if in early game it was easier to find ammonium cause i keep finding my self with out it when its the most useful

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