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I know that this has already been thought of. The purpose of this thread is to expand on the idea.



When you launch, there should be several asteroids orbiting the central star that you can travel to in the same way you do planets. They are positioned in a way similar to this:


Central Star


2-3 Asteroids


1 Asteroid


3-5 Asteroids

Terran-Barren System

2 Asteroids


3 Asteroids (accessible only from Tundra)



They have treacherous terrain but double the output of solar panels and do not spin wind turbines (for they lack an atmosphere) and contain large amounts of Iron deposits (not Hematite), Copper deposits (not Malachite), Aluminum deposits (not Laterite), Lithium deposits, and Titanium deposits (not Titanite). Though, they do not contain any Quartz deposits, Clay deposits, Compound deposits (which should be renamed to Silicon), or Resin deposits. On them, the Atmospheric Condenser only gives 5 PPU of Hydrogen.

Please let me know what you think. 😃

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I like this idea a lot. I think a good idea relating to end-game could be those asteroids outside of tundra. +1



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