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Xbox One (standard, not S or X)

External Storage - game installed here

Astroneer version


Reloaded the game today, save point has lost several hours of gameplay.


Location Terran, somewhere on planet surface, between several beacons and out of site of habitat (single one on planet)

Was using large rover, with three medium rovers, all chained together as follows:

  • Large rover: rover seat, medium storage, medium battery, 2x medium solar panels, assortment of resources (mainly scrap)
  • Medium rover: Large storage, 4x medium storage, 4x small solar panels, 2x small wind turbines, 3x small batteries, assortment of resources (mainly scrap)
  • Medium rover: Large shredder
  • Medium rover: Research station, winch
  • Winch: Medium platform with scrap attached


During the several hours of gameplay (approx 5 hours) I had entered and exited the rover numerous times. At the end of gameplay I enter the rover, then used the menu and selected "save game and exit to main menu". Waited for main menu to appear before quitting to Xbox home and shutting down Xbox.

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I have the exact same problem. I think it has something to do with medium rovers being connected. I continue to loose progress and cant seem to make a new save


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