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I personally think that due to the game currently not having a goal, it would be reasonable if the devs would consider keeping us eager testers occupied with some form of Player Vs Environment functionality, enabling us to engage more with worlds.

In addition, I'd also like to request the implementation, or recognition at least, of various weapons that would be added alongside the hostile entities. Because currently, there's no session parameters, meaning that anyone is free to join anyone's session at their own will.

However, please keep in mind, as a devoted and dedicated pre-alpha tester, I'd much rather have a game that has a solid and secure structure to it, before the devs add anything more.

Current System:
RX 480

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26 minutes ago, XENOS said:

I personally think that due to the game currently not having a goal

One homepage you can read that "Astroneer is set during a 25th century gold rush where players must explore the frontiers of outer space, risking their lives and resources in harsh environments for the chance of striking it rich."

So the goal for Astroneer should be exploring planets for economic purposes.

I think that for the game should be added currency (for example crystals able to mine) for which you would buy schemes. 

I really don't like current way to earn schemes. You put the fruit of alien plant to the machine and *boom* there was truck scheme inside O.o but the idea that you can find inside of them some kind of raw materials is fine.

Coming back to topic: I think PVE and simple PVP(without ranks, statistics) is great idea. I would like to see aliens similiar to spiders, reptiles, tentacles etc. but they should not be common because life itself in space is rare.

Game should not be a another shooter, but I really want to see some weapons like a:

  • A mounted blaster gun (for example on a truck)
  • Modification to the terrain tool amending it into a weapon powered by energy.
  • Sentry gun which can protect the base.
  • Ability to mount a blaster gun to Drone
  • Modification to the terrain tool amending it into a Shield generator powered by energy.

    I was thinking about PVP on planets in Dark Zone where you can find some rare materials/crystals (but it should be possible to find them also on peacefull planet - just smaller amount). Something like high risk high reward, with a story background that people began to fight among themselfs because they were blinded by wealth, fortune etc. Of course if someone don't like PVP then no one forces him to flying there.

    It just should be possible to take a rest from the peaceful playstyle.
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