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well i think i have some ideas .

1. Pathfinding tool or map tool to help travel . More than  one time i lost my way . Becons helpful but i want to travel all world.make it researceble and buildable pls.

2. landing path: to set spesific landing points to our shuttles.make it researceble and buildable pls.

3-defueling unused shuttles fuels or let us emptying them.

4-informatin panel for items ext or ingame information panel .Let new players more info abaut in game rother then entering wiki. İf player wants more informatin he can visit wiki too.

5-let us upgrade low tier platforms to better ones may be upgarede machine .  or let us to  send Shredder pls.

i think thats all.

godjob devolopers its a fun to play game .



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