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[0.10.5 - WIN] Deform tool 'flatten' mode almost unusable on smaller planets

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Had some weird problems on smaller planets like Radiated or on the Moon.
The deform tool seems to "snap" to some planetary surface grid when you use the "flattem" function.
And when you then move the cursor left or right, it sticks at one "vector" that originates from the player and goes towards the direction you
had your cursor in when starting the flatten action.
When you move the cursor further left or right, (with mouse button still pressed), it will suddenly snap to the next "vector" and leave a gap between you last and your new
targeted area.
It's hard to explain... I didn't make a video sadly.
But here is a wonky drawing:

Basically, you can't smoothly svivel your deform tool left and right with 'flatten' mode. It will only allow the forward/backward motion and then if you move far enough with the mouse,
it will jump to the next "vector".
Like distinct, invisible meridians that originate at the players position.
So if you want to flatten a plane in front of you, you instead are limited to making a "V" or an iverted star shape with gaps inbetween that you can't target.

i didn't encounter this on Earthlike or Tundra. So I guess it's linked toi the size of a planet.
Radiated was bad. Moon was really bad.

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