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Issues With Rover Seats...

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I have noticed a couple things that need to be addressed as follows

  1. If you place a single seat on the front bumper of a rover (see link below) the controls are reversed (forward/backward at least) and it doesn't matter how it is rotated (facing up, down , right or left).  Perhaps an option would be to create alternate seat models specifically designed for the fronts of vehicles.  These could be of a more reclined nature (something like a formula 1 racing car).  The player would have to build them -or- the seat could automatically switch to the second design when attached to the front (I prefer the former).

    >>> Click here for screen shot of rover with seat on the front <<<
  2. When you exit a seat like this, you are hurled into the air, fall, and then take damage.  I suspect that this is because the game is looking foe a spawn point relative to the seat's orientation vs. the current surroundings.
  3. When you place a three person seat on a medium rover you cannot take it OFF and move it to another vehicle.  As with most everything else in this game, it would be nice if, ALL modular components could be removed and moves about.
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Additions to item #1

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