- Steam - Vehicle controls after keybind changes


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Changing keybind is buggy with vehicle. Changing windows keyboard from AZERTY to QWERTY is buggy with building rotations.



After changing my key bindings to match AZERTY keyboard, the vehicle won't move forward at all.

Like if changing the  keybind to move forward doesn't affect the vehicle binding.

I changed A to Q, but this one seems to works (the wheels are turning according to the key pressed)


Moving the character after changing keybind si working great.


On the same binding problem, I notice that changing my keyboard to QWERTY to make the vehicle wroking, the Z and X key (to rotate buildings) are not working, I have to rebind them (with the same keys)








  • OS : Win 10 1809 - French (main language) and Azerty keyboard (main keyboard) - Build 17763.134
  • CPU : i7 8700k
  • GPU : GTX 970
  • RAM : 16GB 2666MHz
  • Drive:  Seagate Barracuda 7200 - 3 To


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