[0.10.5] Exotic Moon Test

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I do not understand why we can build vehicles when some of the planets/moons are completely impassable.
Where is the Rocket-Belt please!!!!!!

Exotic Moon Test:
I build a small base, a big and a mid vehicle and a big shuttle.
I try to drive, but the terrrain is impassable with all vehicles.
I launch to space, but there is only one point of interest on this Moon.

The "Admin tool" for the resources is horrible, it is not funny to waste my time to get the resoureses.
This tool is not a solution for custom build.
Give us a blueprint for this tool or switch to build without resources.

I played with the terra former a bit and walked around a bit.
There were no problems but the performance is not very good.
Unfortunately, this test planet is completely without fun.

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