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Orbital Mechanics?

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Hi everyone! I bought the game two weeks ago and now I’ve been to Barren and Tundra a few times. Absolutely a good game but the broken orbital mechanics in the game is almost unbearable... During a transfer you sometimes just fly through the planet. The orbits of the planets are also pretty weird. They’re sometimes so close to each other that their orbits will certainly be distorted. Also why the rocket engine uses hydrazine? A bi-propellant engine will be more powerful (though it might be an overkill... I suppose the orbital speed on Terran orbit will be around 500-800m/s, which can be achieved with a hydrazine engine) and make the game mechanics more interesting.

I think I’m turning the game into Kerbal Space Program😂 Anyway just some thoughts about the game as a new player. Sorry for any broken grammar (I’m from China _(:з」∠)_)

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