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The Onion Knight Challenge

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Disclaimer: I am only 2 weeks into the game. I haven't gone through all the crafting yet and have only made and smelter and not even used it at this time. However, I have on 2 saves with 1 week played each unlocked all research 100k + bytes. So, I know how research plays out as there is an abundance of things to help you attain max. On the other I don't have the experience of the higher tier crafting and base making and have never launched off of Terran. Therefore, my challenge will likely have some holes in it along those lines as my limits may be too steep or perhaps even too lenient. It is a work in progress.

Intention: In my first 2 weeks of play I have found the research in the game to be too accommodating and not much of a challenge. I came up with these rules to simulate a more dire circumstance for play. This situation requires exploration in order to get anywhere in the game. That is to say more intensive expeditionary exploration commitment as a major goal of gameplay. I am about to start this, so I don't know how this plays out and am open to criticism and feedback.


The Challenge Rules :


Items you can make at start: 1 Small Printer, 1 Research Chamber, 1 Medium Platform A, 1 stack of tethers, 1 canister. This simulates what you have left to survive and you must find all other items.

Research Rules: You can only research from crashed pods.

"All crashed pods resemble fabricated modules. They are white and/or blue with a darker finish on the lining of the container. This type of Research Item is commonly found near crashed parts of a satellite, but can also be rarely found anywhere on the ground. They can also be found deep underground. This type of research item provides the most amount of Byte but the longest amount of research time." (

In order to make starting items that are allowed you can get your research from any means. After you can make the starting list however, you must simulate that you've learned all you can from all other research items and can't learn anymore. The hunt for crashed pods begins.

Optional Rule for Research - add one item that can't be found exploring per crashed pod that you find as a challenge unlock bonus.



The Planet Research Rule: You can only research 17k bytes from each planet. That means you must go to every planet, explore them and find 17k bytes of crashed pods on each of them. The bytes used for the items you can make at the start must be subtracted from Terran. Therefore you need to plan when you unlock items.



Mining/Gathering Rules: Gather only what you need to make your items at the start. You don't even have to simulate the fact that you don't have much room for storage because you don't. So, I recommend waiting to farm till you can safely store your stuff. Beware of the clipping bug it is ravenous. An idea could be that you don't have the power to use the terrain tool to mine/gather till you are setup to make items. (see Making Items Rule)


Scavenging: You must scavenge items from wrecks and debris rather than make them. This simulates a survival situation where you don't have the means to make your own things. You must find the items to launch to another planet. That also means you must find the items to go back to your main base too. So, plan carefully.



Making Items Rule: You can make what you find. Finding items will simulate you research them in the challenge. Don't equate what you unlock (or is unlocked by default) from in game research as what you can make in the challenge. To clarify if you find a vehicle, platform, a structure in exploration as a salvageable item or as an usable item, or something on a backpack (not from your own corpse) then you can make it. Of course you must also meet the unlock requirements in the game through the research and follow the research rules of the challenge.



Tracking Items You Can Make: Keep it simple, just make a list of items you find in the game through exploration.



Possible loophole that I may need help with here amending: If there are some items that are required to make things, like medium printer, which you don't find in the worlds through exploration as salvage, then my proposed fix is finding the item unlocks the means to make it too in that particular case. I am unsure if this happens. Don't confuse the means to make an item with the means to use an item like something to launch off of a planet.

Also, there may be some items you just don't find through exploring, and my current suggestion is to add one of those items per crashed pod that you find as a challenge unlock bonus.



Conclusion: I Hope these ideas adds some fun to your game play for the holidays. I'll be trying it out this week for sure. Maybe next week I'll have improved upon this.


Will you be my Onion Knight?

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