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Everything... but copper!!

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So, I have been playing the new version, and I have been enjoying it... but the first time I booted it back up, I couldn't play my previous files, so I had to delete them.

I start a new game, I get nearly EVERYTHING I need in the first 2 hours... then I need copper... I looked for nearly SIX HOURS!!! and I found 0 copper.

I got so mad, I deleted the game file, started a new planet, spent 6 hours on that one, and STILL NO COPPER. I'm on the 4th new file, and I'm about to just uninstall this game!! All I ever find are compound, Resin, Malachite, Ammonium, Graphite, Clay, Granite, etc! BUT NO COPPER.... please help ?

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Hi Genesis,
Sounds like you're having a serious problem finding resources, I had the same thing with aluminum, just not nearly as bad.
My best idea for this is to create a Vehicle Bay, then a Small Shuttle. This'll only cost you a few compound and aluminum. After that, make 2 single-use thrusters for the way there and back, which'll only cost you 2 ammonium and aluminum. 

Then, go ahead and fly to any planet except for Arid, all the planets except for Arid and Terran have copper on the surface, so you'll find copper very easily then!

Hope this helped! :)

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Oh my gosh... I just realized that was another thing I didn'r see at all!

None of my planets had Aluminum or Copper!

This 4th planet might, or I can just start another. I'm not really that far in.

Thank you for your help!! :)

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1 hour ago, Brooks Hagenow said:

You listed "Malachite". That is copper. You need to smelt it.

Well I'll be danged...

I thought copper came from copper... haha.

Thank you! That means I have an abundance of copper! 😂

I am so embarrassed that I didn't notice that...


When I looked up the Wiki, it said copper was stained from sucking up copper, so I got really upset.


Thank you!! :D

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