I LOST 20 Hours of work !!

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I haven't played this for over 4 months, and I get on, LOVE the new updates, and now it will not upload my newest save. I started a new game a few days ago with well over 20 hours, had all the stuff unlocked, had all the crafts and all tech built with a large ship meant to go to my first planet, no issues saving and now BAM, wont load. It loads all the other saves, even the old ones, but NOT THE NEWEST ONE !!!! Crash report says this. I tried opening up from autosave files, and not working. Itr said can not load map or something like that.  I am REALLY  discouraged by this, and if I can get my progress back, I am not gonna keep playing man. It is like I wasted a half of a work week on this. Crash report 


My build is 

Steam on Asus GL552VW with NVIDIA GeForce GTX 960M using Windows 10 64bit Home




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7 hours ago, licon4812 said:


I saw your original post,  don't be like that. You don't know me. I have pretty stressful life. My son is almost 20 he cannot walk or talk. I changed his diaper 10 times a day. I feed him through a tube surgically implanted in his stomach. He can't walk, or talk, and is 100% dependent on me.  And I've been doing it for almost 20 years. This game is my one outlet to relieve my stress,  so when it crashes I'm going to let the people know, so that if they can fix it, they can fix it. If not I'll start a new game. Don't be dismissive of other people's feelings or thoughts. It's rude

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23 minutes ago, Mak-a-Face said:

Well, join the Club.

What club is that ? The crippled child club ? The getting trolled by rude people club ? Or the crashing game club ?

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My guess is that this was caused by the latest patch that just dropped. Every patch to this point has broken saves because it is alpha and not designed to deal with previous versions. Bases fall through the planet or up in the air, terrain tears and planets split.

The good news is this was the last patch to the Alpha version. You probably won't have this happen again in this version.

The bad news is that whatever saves you make now probably won't be compatible with the 1.0 version due in February. But then this has always been the case anyway. I expect at version 1.0 and forward saves should be compatible by design.

This is still an Alpha testing game. As such things will break. 1.0 should be different.

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