Large Shredder bugs with Power Cells

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Hi all!

I've recently encountered a bug and it's very annoying since it sets back quite a bit of progress.

Setup: Large shredder on a Large Vehicle.

Step 1: Find a power cell (the small ones) and place it in the Shredder. The shredder works but then it bugs out and no other items can be placed inside. A powercell is visible as if slotted on the left side on top of the shredder.
Step 2: Find another power cell and place it in the Shredder. This is the only item that will shred at this point. The animation shows 2 power cells being shredded (quite effectively) but it leaves 1 power-cell behind that you can select and take out.

The shredder now works again.

Step 3: Try and exploit the fact that you shredded the same power cell twice by putting the power-cell back in the shredder.
Congratulations, you now have 2 power-cells slotted inside the shredder and it is completely unusable. The power-cells cannot be selected or consumed either.  (Images 1 and 2)

Step 4: Go make another large rover and another large shredder. Never shred power-cells again.

Misc: If you restart the game, the shredder will be "closed". To open it, consume some of the power on the rover and then refill it, the shredder mouth will open when it's "reconnected" to a power supply. (images 3 - 5)







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