Loaded medium storage units vanished from base on return from space

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I launched a small shuttle and flew to the barren moon. When I returned, 3 loaded storage units were gone from my base. A hole I dug to safely store items from being blown away, like a boxed solid fuel thruster, and lots of  extra resources had magically become completely empty as well, losing me my readied thruster to fly back. The hole was dug right by my main base close to the un-diggable base wall.

Several unpacked thrusters that I both built and found did not vanish, but the boxed one did.

A large loaded storage rack on a vehicle did not vanish.

I had positioned them after loading them.  They were on the blue floor that comes with the original habitat.  They were not particularly close to the vehicle bay, so I don't think the small shuttle blew them up.

I am using a WIndows 7 PC with 8 gigs of RAM, an NVidia 980, and an Intel I7 CPU.

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