Reduce Bytes from Cavern Lure Research Samples

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I realize that this might be a strange type of request, to make a part of the game less efficient for the player, but I think this is a clear example of something being too good and taking away from other aspects of the game.

On an Exotic planet I have set up base on, there are creatures in the caves that hang off the ceilings.  They are effortlessly destroyed by digging them out, which causes them to drop a few research samples.  Each sample seems to give between 150-300 bytes.

These Cavern Lures can respawn, and sometimes they spawn in strangely; they can be on the ground and multiple creatures can be in one spot.  When the latter situation happens, several thousand Bytes-worth of Samples are dropped.  See the attached screenshots.

Needless to say, as I was exploring the caves of the Exotic planet, I didn't bother using a Research Chamber because simply killing Cavern Lures and looting Bytes for free is much more effective than the normal Research loop of lugging research items back to base and consuming power with a Chamber.

It feels broken to be able to circumvent one of the main mechanics of the game.  I suggest significantly reducing how good Cavern Lure research samples are, and any other similar sources of easy Bytes.  By comparison, the amount of Bytes received from plant and mineral nodules feels correct.


ASTRONEER (Game Preview)  10_8_2018 20_54_15.jpg

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@Eincrou   I get what you are saying.  The values are high for research and perhaps they should be lowered for balance.

But consider as well,  to get to the Exotic Planet you have already done substantially research to unlock all the things necessary for travel to another planet and establishing a thriving base there.  

So not denying that the research values could be lower (or fewer Cavern Lure flora) , but an acceleration of research is a fair reward for making it to another planet.

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