Multiplayer oxygen gathering issue

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I was playing in a co op game on my planet with a friend, and we both had issues with our landscaping tool when we were dealing with oxygen. It seems that if we were gathering oxygen in our tool, and then switched to another resource (copper for example) it would suck everything up, but not create the resource and put it in our backpacks. Also, I had an unfinished block of organic in the tool still, then went to mine oxygen, and it took a while, but after sucking up half the oxygen, the unfinished organic block just disappeared, and then oxygen started being collected. 

I think the game is acting like it is finishing whatever resource block is still in the tool, and then once it thinks it's filled that block of materials, it gets rid of it and actually starts mining the resource. 

This has only happened when dealing with mining oxygen though, nothing else has made the bug go off. We were playing on the newest beta patch on steam too.


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