Drilling Rig - Drilling for Hydrocarbons, Water, and/or Other Fluids

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This is a game concept that I thought would be interesting. I hope it has not already been proposed!

How about the ability to "drill" deep into the planet for gas/liquid resources (i.e. hydrocarbons, water). This could possibly involve the introduction of more surface equipment modules for gas processing/refining.

Here are a few supporting concepts that come to mind:

- seismic exploration to locate suitable drill sites / depths

- modular drilling rig which components can be moved with large vehicles and assembled at drill site (derrick, sub-structure, generator, pumps, ...)

- pipeline infrastructure to a centralized processing facility or base. Or the player can choose to process the resource at the well site.

- gas compressors to boost pipeline pressures?

- new resource production can supplement the atmosphere condenser (water, oil, methane, ethane, propane ... hydrogen sulfide?)

- Produced Emulsion can be refined into water, liquid hydrocarbon, and solids? 

I realize this is a pretty complex addition ... but maybe down the line at some point it can be added in if there is enough interest! 

Thanks for reading.

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Yeah I would like this, even if the only product was hydrazine. So instead of the old, boring, game braking energy to hydrazine thing, you would drive a rover deep underground, pop it down, and get like 3 hydrazine for a day, and then pick it up and move it to a new “hotspot” you know those things that look like dried up ponds under Terran? Make those “drill sites” possibly?

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Something along those lines, although instead of creating a deep "hole" we are basically sticking a pipe in the ground to unlock materials that are otherwise not mine-able. 

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Yeah, but if you could stick it anywhere, It would make hydrazine boring. Maybe, tethers could also carry hydrazine. so you would put tethers from a new “refinery” module to a oil spot with a “drill” module.

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What if was more like a pump and when exploring cave you could occasionally find lakes that are full of liquid materials and the only way to get it is with a pump but you have to build a new pump at each lake and it is a slow process

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I'm fairly sure this has been suggested previously, however, I can't find the thread I recall seeing it in. This concept would go hand in hand with some of the other ideas of making "streaming" resources using the same, and/or, additional "hoses" similar to how the streaming power currently works. There has been several threads regarding larger canisters or storage silos that you could select which resource you want them to store. Then some platform module that would break down the resources into (possibly compressible) powder/liquid that would be streamed via the hoses to any attached storage silo with available capacity and that resource selected as its option.

The types of modules described could be generic for the same type of streaming resources system.

  • Drilling Derrick - A large (or extra large) module to place on a deployed platform (the normal large or extra large platform would be the substructure mentioned). Large mount that extends forward over the area immediately in front of the platform with a large vertical drill pipe that would drill a very narrow hole to some specified depth (with a limit so you can't drill through the entire planet). This would be the derrick mentioned. Once the drill reaches the specified depth it would siphon the soil/resource in a specific radius. Mods such as the wide mod and turbo mod could be mountable to increase the siphon rate and the size of the radius
  • Large Pump - A module that connects with hoses that facilitates and/or increase the pressure / stream rate of resources in one direction.
  • Ground-Penetrating Radar - A medium module that can be mounted to the front/rear mounts on a large rover and would use power to perform a subsurface scan for randomly placed resource nodes at varying depths (I don't think they are planning on introducing liquids) using different soil types for pockets of soil that is rich in certain resources. It would scan directly beneath it (in a width slightly wider than the large rover) to the same depth limit that the drill / derrick has. The UI for this would tell you the depth(s) of possible resources and what type(s) of resources may be present.

The rest is basically the same/similar idea for the storage silo or large canister which you can either build locally at a site and then transfer via hose to a "tanker" (Large rover with multiple large canisters) for transport back to your base(s). Or you could run hoses out from your base(s) to near by sites and connect them directly to your infrastructure to be used by your crafting systems

Another idea which has been suggested a few times that would make this really fun is the idea of a "steam-roller" attachment for the large rover to "pave" flat roads which would be like the blacktop surface under the habitat and would prevent rocks & debris from being generated. This would be pretty fun to pave roads out to a drilling site so you can have some onsite mass-collection into large canisters (silos) and then a large rover caravan with several large canisters on them so you could pump your local storage into the rover and then drive it back to your base on a smooth road. This would really make multiplayer fun with a few friends being able to setup a supply line of someone crafting at the base while someone else drives a tanker rover to collect mass-resources from different sites, while others are roaming around with an exploration rover scanning for new deep deposits for drilling sites.

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