Achievement Skill to Direct to a Preferred Landing Zone

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I enjoy very much the randomness at which one lands on the planet at the start of each new game, but occasionally that landing point is impossible to play around.  Sometimes trees are placed in the base, or so close it interferes with the camera, and I find I have to quit to main to "re-roll" a decent landing spot.  Initially my idea was to allow us to choose our own spot, but then there is some challenge in trying to build around obstacles.

What if during your first play-through you gained enough "science" that you could be awarded an achievement for subsequent games to find your own preferred landing spot?  I like the idea of being able to work up to something like that.

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You have my attention. Perhaps this could make it so unlocking things in the game allows you to have different beginnings like choosing landing zones or have to repair the pod or some other stuff were its either easier or harder.

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