Items placed on ground disappear and rover digs itself into holes

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Ok so basically instead of using actual storage in the game my firned and i like to Make a small hole in the ground to store our stuff in until the recent update. After the update was put into effect any items placed in these holes would just disappear, not only that but we also have difficulties with medium rover (I'm not sure about any other type of rover yet) digging themselves into the ground so they are no where to be seen. This was orginally the case when it came to the items, but today when my friend and I got on the items were straight up gone and when we dug down they were no where to be seen. 

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I have also experienced the "disappearing stuff stored in a hole" issue. However, my stuff seems to get teleported into a nearby cave. I regularly visit that cave and was surprised when my stuff just started showing up in one particular section of the cave. I have not seen the medium rover issue, and hope I never do either. 

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