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So an idea popped into my head today while playing...
Wouldn't it be cool if the generator would know when to stop generating when my rover's battery was fully charged then i thought it would be cool to have smart generates that not only auto shut off but grabbed resources from other nods on the same platform.
I got a couple ideas too.
If there was a module that was like a research center that granted more abilities or improved abilities. 

Perhaps increased tether range/ brighter tether lighting.

more torque for rovers

more backpack nods 

increased backpack battery

increased backpack oxygen

the ideas kinda write themselves super easy to think of different things to upgrade.

and i think this would give you more game to play with having more things to earn.


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+1 lets get this list going

tethers that can be used to repel down mountains and climb back up

extnedable platforms on rovers that fold on the side when not used but significantly slow down the rover when extended (as to not hit something and break it)

Vechile bay on shuttle

advanced reshearch stations that can speed up time or get more bytes (you choose one or the other)

Medium and big rover can climb up steeper slopes



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