Lost Everything (About 70 to 100 hours)

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(re-posted here as I realised I likely put it into the wrong category; freaking out here :(

Hello there,

I lost all my progress on Astroneer, I logged out and logged in and I was put onto a starter planet. 

I have sent a message to System Era. 

Has anyone faced this too?

Luke G



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20 hours ago, calibrate88 said:

Add: On a single game. (Save)

Saves that were made in older versions of Astroneer tend to break in the newer versions. Usually, the terrain would be corrupt with loose items and vehicles simply falling through the ground.
Your save may have been automatically deleted due to complete incompatibility with the new versions of the game. Even if you were able to load this old save, many elements would have been broken.

This game is being updated very frequently, so this may happen often during the current beta.

Sorry about the save.

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6 minutes ago, Spazbandicoot said:

I didn't remember if it was Beta or Alpha, thanks for reminding me.

Yeah hardly feels like an early access at all. Apart from me losing all that time; which I doubt I will be returning for awhile as it left a terrible taste in my mouth due to my schedule (I knew what I was getting into), it's far beyond a brilliant game; it's genius.

I bought it on Xbox and I bought it on Steam and gifted it.

I think I know what happen, my internet connection was slow and I launched the save game which was NOT synced with the Xbox Servers on PC. It's like a ghost launch.

Solution, System Era has to put a condition to lock launching the game on a save if it knows it has to sync first.

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After I was stuck in an unplaced habitat in january 2017 i made an habit to always take backup of my save folder before I start playing
The folder can be found here:


And its called SaveGames
I copy this catalog to another place and change the name to SaveGames 18.10.01

This has saved me several times. If gameplay is gone bad I simply delete Astroneers SaveGames and copy in the backup catalog (remove the date)

This may save your game

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