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Hi there, I wanted to re-post my suggestion for a Headlight toggle or sensor.

The headlight is always on, even during the day. I was thinking that maybe we could have the ability to turn it off, or maybe a daylight sensor so it automatically turns off? Technology is very advanced in this game, and a daylight sensor is quite far from high-tech.

I posted this suggestion last year and some people liked the idea, and I still think it could be a nice little addition (Having the headlight on during the day seems a bit, unusual.)
I wanted to re-post this suggestion because the other post I stupidly claimed that the game was way too bright, although it was simply an error on my end, and it sparked a secondary discussion in the post. I don't want that to happen again, so here to start a new.

Would love to know if anybody else would want something like this, or if it's a bad idea.

I will not be pestering anybody to make this possible in the game, this is the last time I will repost this suggestion.


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A headlamp toggle, or ambient light sensing for switching headlamps, might be a polish feature we could see before 1.0. It's something that defiantly needs to be added... it doesn't make sense that Work Lights can be turned on/off, but suit lights cannot. Of course, this feature isn't a priority.

It would also be nice if seats could have their lights toggle-able, so players could have additional working light near vehicles, and to help locate them in the dark.

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