0.10.2 - Xbox One - Large Shuttle Seat won't print

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I have two vehicle bays next to one another, but not so close that I couldn't print a Large Shuttle. So I printed it, and then printed the Large Storage while the Alluminum Alloy was being made in the Chem Lab. When I tried to print a Large Shuttle Seat, it is turned towards the storage instead of with it's back to it. So it barely intersects the storage and won't let me print a Large Shuttle Seat. See ensuing info.

  1. Giving as much information about the bug as possible:
    1. Controller
    2. Xbox One (not S or X)
    3. What were you doing leading up to this bug? Building a Large Shuttle w/ a Large Storage and Large Shuttle Seat.
    4. Any steps that we can take to reproduce the bug on our end: Build a Large Shuttle, then build a Large Storage on the left side, then try to build a Large Shuttle Seat on the right.
  2. Include any media you want: see attached Xbox screenshot.


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