Chemistry lab stopped midway

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Making aluminum alloy, the chemistry lab stopped working and has 3 blocks left on both products... I left the game and rebooted and it is stuck.

Steam, computer keyboard, most recent update

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I had a similar issue.  I started making Graphene.  Knowing I needed 2, I rotated around, selected a graphite on a medium storage.  When I clicked LMB, the Chem-Lab dinged and opened.  It was only partly completed and locked-up.

Now ... I start it and sit back for the completed object to be available to grab.  I avoid doing any other actions.

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Dynamite is the short term fix. Long term is alpha optimizations, eventually correlating in 1.0 update. 

Anyone here for these early bricking days will look back an laugh; maybe even meme about veterans being all to willing to dynamite unsatisfactory equipment.  

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