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Corpse Backpack cannot be collected from EXO HABITAT doorway

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I was just entering the EXO HABITAT in a storm, got whacked just as the "Saving Game" dialog came up, and then I was sailing down to the surface in a DROPSHIP.

OK, I know where the corpse is nice and close, that's ok, but I cannot target the backpack, it's right in the airlock of the habitat.

Can there be some of that sweet vehicle re-alignment stuff done with corpses or at least the backpack?


PC (Win10), KB & mouse, Steam (, 1182806985_bugreport-targettingcorpsebackpackwithintheEXOHabitatdoorway-2018-09-16_21-09-41.thumb.png.facf0b1119d44740d29d97d3e7b790cb.png

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