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# ideas of game modes that must be added to the game

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Hi developers / team !

I've been playing Astroneer since it was available few years ago on steam.
I really love everything.

Latest update made the game idea really solid so i came with this game modes that MUST be activated for the sake of the game.

I think that the following quest / game modes should be added:

  • Delivery:
    Deliver an item/resource/energy (all we have to play with) to a specific location, it could be a planet a cave, a premade site. Just unlimited possibilities actually.
  • Build/craft:
    This mode could also work as a tutorial. A step by step guide to help understand how to craft basic base add on's, how to use them and manage a base. (e.g. Build 3 solar panel to power up this facility)
  • Timed
    All the previous with a timer.


X) Story mode can be achieved by mixing the 3 quest mode in a scripted scenario with other characters that needs help / rescue / delivery / timed actions.

  • Survival
    Everyone does it nowdays, and Astroneer can too. The game is a survival itself but it lacks the feel of imminent danger.
    It should be added a repair tool:
    Powered with "organic"(maybe), should be built by the Astroneer and added on terraforming gun. It will use "organic" to repair a damage / heal others / Also kill (maybe!!). This will force the player to continuously look for rich areas or dig / exchange materials in order to keep the facility up and running.
    Turning off a structure stops the decay.
    Different difficulty levels can affect:
    Decay time
    Repair expenses
    Required material to power up the gun (eg. putting iron + plastic in the slots rather than just organic)


1) Variety

2) Timed event and decaying time can work well for coop ideas.

3) Challenge. Survival and timed modes can have a chart for top players. Smart competition without fighting.

4) Longevity


Also. Now the planet travelling is a thing, i think that it's necessary to have a junction between planets or a delivery system.

Thank you for all the time. I really hope that one day I could be a part of this game :). You are doing a great job and i believe in you.

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