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danstroneer - XboxOnex - My medium and large shuttles overlapped each other

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This is exactly what happened:

1- I had a medium shuttle + vehicle bay placed on one end of my base.
2- I moved the vehicle bay ALL THE WAY on the other end of my base and printed a large shuttle.
3- The large shuttle finished printing
4- I left with the medium shuttle to space
5- When i came back the medium shuttle did not land where it left from and landed exactly where the large shuttle was just printed.

check at 1:41

6- I eventually could leave again with no problem depending where I would put my shuttle seat. I could leave with either the medium or large shuttle depending where I would install the rover seat.

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I replicated the glitch again yesterday.

It seems the shuttles are programmed to land EXACTLY in front of the vehicle bay when landing on the homebase in Terran. The shuttle "forgets" where it initially launched from and lands right in front of the vehicle bay every single time (no matter where you move the vehicle bay).

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