Barren likes Medium Storage

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So I unpacked a just printer medium storage and watched the animation.  It finished with the little hop up and dropped back to the surface ... and kept going!  Yes, I know, known bug.

So I made another - lots of resin on Barren - unpacked in on unmodified terrain (the first time was on flattened ground) ... and it did it too!

So I started making the winged large platforms (was -A now -B) and that was OK.

But today, I forgot ... and a third one vanished core-ward.  Sigh.

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I found one in a cave below.  This happened on Tundra too - but I found that one.

When I returned to Barren, my Display Platform (now extra large -B) was missing.  Bye!

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me also. hugely annoying. i keep forgetting to slot the storage before unpacking. did recover one tho, it turned up in a cave.

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