Astroneer 1.0 QOL suggestion thread

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Another good idea that'd be unnecessary but really helpful is some kind of way to determine where the planets are, so you don't have to waste fuel trying to determine where a planet is, and how long it's gonna take for it to come within the reach of your shuttle. Maybe like a console?
It'd also be neat if the thrusters had a certain amount of "strength". The solid fuel thrusters/one-use thrusters have less range, and the hydrazine thrusters have more. Perhaps the hydrazine thrusters are better because of the hydrazine, and add some kind of hydrazine bomb, like dynamite, but bigger blast radius or something.

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  • When a rover runs out of power we should still be able to steer and brake. Alternatively the parking brake should engage automatically.
  • The catalogue opens on a long-press on 'q' but it does not close using a long-press on 'q'. I feel like it should do that.
  • This might actually be a bug but storms on Exotic does not fade out like they do on Terran but just abruptly stop during the fadeout.


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