Hey friends! We were having this discussion internally, so I wanted to throw it out here to get more feedback. Part of our work while we are getting to 1.0 is to finally fix quality of life changes we have been meaning to make for a while to reflect a polished 1.0 product. What qualifies as a Quality of Life improvement? See the criteria below: A change that addresses a mismatch between design intention and player expectation.
A change that uses or changes only existing systems
Has low disruption to other features and systems in the game Examples of ones currently on the list: 1. Changing worklights and generators so you can see the power plugs that pop out on their deployable platforms before placing them 2. A "use" action for medium storage to make them go flat or stand up 3. Oxygen tanks in aux slots should be rotated 90 degrees so you can see how full they are QoL improvements are not new features, new systems, overhauls to design, or critical bug fixes. So if there are some small things that have been bothering you, or don't match up with what you think a thing should do, or something that could be WAY better with just a small tweak, drop it in here! Thanks!