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I noticed that hydrazine (and ammonium in general) is extremely important to travel on another planet, and yet it is hard to find, and even worse you can't extract them from a "mineral extractor".

So even if you find it, you are going to slowly run out, especially if you use more than one spaceship.

So I have some suggestion: make ammonium craftable.

Of course for balance reasons, it should be hard to do it. However it should use items that the mineral extractor can extract, the ideal would be:

  1. Getting stuff from a mineral extractor (let's say compound)
  2. Getting gas from an atmospheric condenser (Nitrogen of course)
  3. "cooking" them in the chemistry lab
  4. """""mass""""" produced ammonium

So that is possible to "never run out" of hydrazine, but it is time and energy consuming.

Right now, I'm mass producing large wind turbine using resources from the mineral extractor, and shredding them in exchange for ammonium. I know that I could just explore more, but I find exploration for the sake of resources farming very annoying.


What do you think?

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I agree with you! Hydrazine is very important and ammonium is the bottleneck. Ultimately that bottleneck is related to gathering. My thought was the top tier of the soil centrifuge, but I like your crafting version much better. It forces the player to have a lot of components in place, but makes it possible to perpetuate space travel.

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I definitely agree. I didn't even know that hydrazine was a real thing until i looked it up a couple weeks ago. It would 100% make sense to just use nitrogen and hydrogen in the chemistry lab to make it, as hydrazine is just a compound of the two. Since the makeup is actually N2H4  its a 2:1 ratio, so the two main ingredients would be two hydrogen with nitrogen on the side.  

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I've found ammonium to be pretty common on the few saves I've started, especially in first-level caves. Resource distributions will be changed moving forward, too. 

Hydrazine seems plentiful enough once you reach that level, now that they've changed flight costs. Since you don't need hydrazine to initially get off world any more, it makes sense you need to search for ammonium. 



Please ignore this link, my phone pasted it in and the forum doesn't allow deletion. 


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Personally, I haven't had trouble finding enough ammonium. Though yes it is still a hassle to go out and search for it. Seeing as how you use hydrazine for more than just fuel now but also for making some other resources I can see this becoming a problem.

You crafting solution is a great idea and I rather like it. I think just having the option to make it would be a great addition. I don't mind having to go out and collect ammonium, but I can see where you're coming from. Being able to craft it the way you've suggested makes perfect sense.

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