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I noticed that the shredder can't shred everything craftable, but only some stuff.

Sometime you find an abandoned base, and you're looking for extra scrap, sometime you built something on mistake (or you want just to upgrade the platform it is built in). Also, everything you create with the vehicle printer is permanent.

Often I have to dig a "shame hole" where everything I don't need gets dumped. Like abandoned platform after I build a base on barrens to feed on a huge broken complex.


  • So a solution can be more shreddable stuff: platform, what is on platform, rover, large storage, etc...  of course something to cut stuff in smaller pieces is needed, maybe separating the building from the platform before shredding (this give you the possibility to repack the building and change its platform)
  • Another would be a dissasemble type of building: you destroy stuff by getting resources back, maybe only the rare one (if something needs resin and iron, you get only the iron back), or maybe something even different (you get all for the solid thruster, but just the aluminium from an used one). In this way, it feels like you can disassemble abandoned bases or "fixing" them by re-crafting the items.
  • Or even better a way to repack stuff. Like a repacker. for repacking broken stuff (of course) other materials are needed (to simulate the fixing)


What do you think?

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Love it!

Not being able to shred everything is really demoralizing the first time you realize it isn't possible.

A repacker would also be amazing. It would make huge base moves possible, which would be fun, I think.

A laser cutter mod to break things down also makes sense.

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I was quite upset myself when I found out I couldn't shred some things even with the large shredder.

Another option would be adding a compacter. That would take some larger things, and squish them into shreddable pieces. It still wouldn't get everything but would add a lot more options. I don't know if I agree completely with the disassemble idea. Not completely with being able to disassemble things, but more with the balancing aspect of it. I think it would balance out better to get the less rare resources, or maybe even just one random one that makes up the item. Another thought would be scrap, but I guess that's what we have a shredder for. 

Honestly, I think we shouldn't be able to shred everything, but being able to shred large platform, to a point, small rovers, among a few others would be a better step to take.

With how the game is right now, I don't use the shredder for anything. Even with the trading platform only using scrap now. I just don't see that its worth it and find it easier just to go get what I need myself. So its clear to me something needs to change but I haven't done a lot of thought on the subject. The only thing I can think I would use the shredder for is the used solid fuel thrusters.

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I agree with a Re-packer to put items back into the shipping crates for storage. A cutting torch mod or laser cutter mod that uses suit energy to cut items into pieces would be great! Even a repair mod that uses scrap to repair broken items for use at your base would be cool. I would prefer an XL shredder that you need the crane to lift items into it, so even tho you can lift platforms it wouldn't "lock into place" on the shredder without the crane. This would make the crane more useful in the game. A better end like a claw would be needed and much better controls for the crane. Maybe the XL shredder could run on hydrogen or some other fuel.

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Considering wrecked Medium Rovers, among other things, have no current use, I’m sure some sort of system will be added to recycle them. 

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