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Flags and Markers

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I often find myself revisiting a wreck or point of interest on the surface multiple times because I just don't have the space in my caravan of rovers. One area in particular I had to visit half a dozen times to collect everything and the route was covered in rocks and holes. What i was thinking would be cool would be to allow us to craft Flags and Markers from organic material similar to how we craft Tethers from compound.


Markers would be useful in the same way people mark off temporary courses in real life, we could place markers to mark easy routes through tough terrain. Field-marker-Flag-20130217143026.jpg


Flags in general would be useful for discretely marking visited areas, though we could reuse markers for that purpose


"But SmilyContainer, why don't you just use beacons?"

- Beacons are great for marking a few distant objects but it gets messy when you need to mark passage through a field of rocks :)

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