Flatten is glitching on more planets

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In 0.9 I found the tool glitching a little on Barren when I neared to pole.

In 1.10.2, it was glitchy on Tundra.

(On course, Radiated is the bad one.  In 0.9.2, it killed me once and tried a second time.)

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Delete 'little'.

It appears that flatten starts doing strips that have gaps between them.  My programming experience says it might be a math/calculation problem.

And it is showing up on Barren as well as Radiated.

And it did kill me once on Radiated in 0.10.x.  

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I'd imagine the center of gravity is calculated via hemispheres, or quadrants, and is averaged out. Issues are encountered where sectors intersect. Maybe a longitude and latitude system would work best. Coordinates might also help any implementation of a GPS/mapping system. They would also allow atmospheric pressure to be calculated at any point... maybe lay the foundation for how fluids work, and/or Atmospheric Condenser efficiency.

Again, no clue how the engine actually works. This suggestion might be way off what is actual.

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