Can't launch medium shuttle [Steam-]

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So I built the medium shuttle and started fueling it.  I added a Large Storage.  I tried the open seat and didn't get a launch menu.  So time to research the closed/shuttle seat - in the Small-printer section.  However, the small printer doesn't see it.  I tried the Vehicle-bay and it could print either type of seat onto the shuttle.

I printer an closed/shuttle seat.  But no menu.  I found I could remove the seat!  So I tried all four positions - no menu.  

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You can not launch from a seat mounted on storage any longer (since v0.9.2).  The seat must be directly on the shuttle.   I'm also assuming that the open frame "rover seat" won't work on shuttles at some point in the future (but it still works in 0.10.2).

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