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Steam-IBM-clone +

So I was moving multiple research blobs back toward my base - piggy-back fashion.  The camera was suffering from drift down, so I has the use right-hold & up to get it back to level.  I moved one blob and when I right-press, the cursor was in the title bar (Astroneer does not go full-screen, just max-window).  While various things can happen, this time the screen went back and the sound muted.  After about a second, the sound came back and screen went white.  After a couple of seconds, I taped ESCape to try to trigger a recovery.  But it just crashed back to the desktop.

Bugs: MS-windows is max-window instead of full-screen, camera drifts down, crashed to desktop.

When I relaunched the game, it went back to my just visit to the Habitat - most crashes do an auto-save on the way down.  Not this time.

And when I was duplicating my work and back to carting blobs to the base, one dropped through the floor.  Sigh. 

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