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  • Smelter processing into Platinum
  • Trade resource 
  • Sale value of 16

Gas Hydrate

  • Fuel Condenser processing fills Canisters with Liquid Propane
  • Liquid Propane produces doubled energy output in Small Generator; triple energy output in Medium Generator


  • Smelter processing fills Canisters with Tritium (hydrogen-3)
  • Fuel Condenser processing fills Canisters with Helion (helium-3)

Modules & Equipment
Atomic Battery

  • = Tritium Canister + Copper 
  • Roughly size of canister
  • Provides 100.0 Bars at 2.0A
  • Spent batteries can be used as substitute for Fuel Condenser Helion production
  • Great for late game solution to portable power (widget compatible)

Fusion Reactor

  • = Iron + Titanium
  • Attachment space for four Helion Canisters
  • Produces 6x Power Stack equivalent per canister


  • = Tungsten + Copper
  • Large, powerful immobile energy storage (non-lithium based)
  • Stores twice the amount of energy produced by a Fusion Reactor; provides at 2.0A


  • Printed using Filters
  • Acts as indefinite oxygen supply when powered
  • Greatly benefited by equipping Atomic Battery 
  • Vital late game upgrade for Astroneers needing medium-term independence from external oxygen supply; without burning through resources

(For possible future addition of Space Stations)
Space Elevator

  • Solution to fuel demands late game
  • May use rare resources, but allows for movement of larger objects into space
  • Bulk trading using docking spacecraft with station (late game resource procurement)

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