Another Manual Flight Idea

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There is a game I play sometimes called Spaceflight Simulator. In it you can create a rocket from modular parts with different stages and such for getting out of the atmosphere and traveling the solar system. The flight is completely manual meaning all that it shows you is the trajectory of different moons, ships, and planets, and your ship. It also can show you where in your orbit/trajectory you need to accelerate to intercept a given object in space.

If the spaceflight mechanics of that game were added to Astroneer it would make space travel much less mundane. Also, having the ability to make modular ships means you could put a space station anywhere: orbiting a moon, planet, or just going around the sun. It would also open the way to electric space travel for moving between planets and solid/liquid fueled space travel for getting off the planet (because ion rockets are not powerful enough for getting into orbit from the ground).

Lemme know what you think.

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You can deform the terrain of an entire planet, build enormous modular bases, and will soon be uncovering strange mysteries across solar systems.

You don't need fancy space flight simulation, because there's other games that do that. The space flight, however it gets refreshed in the next couple of months, won't be a focus of the game, I think. It doesn't need to be interesting, because there's lots of other things to do. 

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