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I’m new to Astroneer but I’ve seen some videos. One thing that really confuses me is the first landing. In some videos, people land and their pod stays there. The pod has a cylindrical extension and when clicked, it extends and you can build off of it. But in other videos and in my game, the pod gets way bigger and then some landing pod appears and opens up into a mini-stadium thing. My main concern about that is I have to use those cables, which is harder because I had to go find something, research it, get some resources, build it, place it, and attach the cable. In the videos with the cylinders they simply clicked the cylinder and put some resources on there. The rest of the structures have cylinders, but in my case, I kept manually attaching cables and it’s kinda painful for a person like me. I might’ve remembered some of this stuff wrong, I have horrible memory and it’s been a week.

Also, my terrain tool doesn’t build up. When I hold alt, all of the dots immediately turn into one big X.

Does anybody understand what’s happening?

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Sounds like your game is working properly under the current version.  Your looking at videos from the older versions of the game.

The X in the terrain tool tells you that you have no soil to work with.  First, you need a canister to store soil, then you need to dig to get the soil; when you have soil in the canister, you can start building.

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