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Steam and Xbox Crossplay

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I bought this game along with another, I found out they both featured PC - Xbox crossplay, I was very happy as 2 of my friends had Astroneer and 1 had the other (ARK), when researching how to do crossplay I discovered I needed the windows store version, is there any chance Steam crossplay will be a thing soon? No way am I spending another $100 just to play with my friends.


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Dedicated Servers should be the answer to this kind of predicament!
These allow you and your friends to join the same game, no matter the platform that you are playing on; as the server will be running a specialized version of Astroneer which allows compatible gaming across each platform.

Looking at the roadmap, you can see that Dedicated Servers are being worked on and being prioritized at the moment. They might be available before 1.0 release (which is in December) but I assume they will be functional on and after release.

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