Bytes function as currency; Role of astronium; Advanced fuel

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1) currently bytes serve no purpose after everything is researched:

1.1) make bytes function like currency used to purchase, for example, resources at twice their research cost (titanium byte output: 2001, so the cost would be 4002, etc.);

1.2) new module possible Transcriptor which would be used to write bytes to a new item HDD (maximum capacity per unit 2500 bytes with the longest writing time of 25 minutes (1 byte = 0.6 seconds)):

1.2.1) manually enter needed amount by pressing buttons | Add_1000 || Add_100 || Add_10 || Add_1 |, so to buy titanium you would need 2 HDDs and for each you'd need to press | Add_1000 | 2 times and | Add_1 | 1 time to get 2001 with the writing time of 20.01 min;

1.2.2) 2 HDDs may be attached to Transcriptor so you get those 4002 bytes in just 20 minutes, HDDs then could be attached to the trade platform. Also, astronium could be purchasable for 10020 bytes (time-consuming alternative requiring 5 HDDs and 50.2 minutes (if only 1 Transcriptor is used) instead of going to Radiated an mining it);

2) role of astronium as an ingredient used in the Chemistry Lab for producing something like Plasma Fuel (hydrazine + astronium) used to power the core of a mobile space station/base that could look like a mixture of Saturn V with solar panels of International Space Station attached to its middle (may be the ultimate buildable goal consisting of very expensive parts like Solar Array in its non-destroyed form, Plasma Thrusters, etc.) which could be repositioned from one planet's orbit to another, and during the repositioning the solar panels would fold in;

2.1) Plasma Fuel may also be used in shuttles but in a way that a canister of Plasma Fuel is equivalent to 4 or 5 canisters of hydrazine by power output (when filling up the tank of a shuttle it would look like there's not much but the durability would be as if 4/5 canisters of hydrazine were used).

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