Fabricators are the truly enemy of Astroneer


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Fabricators are dominating our enviromnent, slowy making us more dependant on them, first they removed our free-will of expanding the base without any module, now we need it, but now they've gone too far.
Fabricators killed the Medium Printer and have taken over all of its utility, they killed a module to make us more dependant on them, they will take over the power of everything if we do nothing about it. We need to create a rebellion against Fabricators, the Anti-Fabricators, lets FIGHT AGAINST THEM AND MAKE THEM PREY FOR MERCY


pls this is a joke do not kill me

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Made me cringe, but mostly due to all the typos..

I kinda agree with the op "jest" thread tho, would be nice to have 1 type of printer/fabricator not 4 or more.  I prefer a kind of sprayer with a prayer, (note the correct spelling op) to having to build mulitple units which build slightly different things.

A thing is a thing.. lets just make it with one machine.

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I accidentally bombed my refinery with dynamite... accidentally put it in the medium shredder... boom, shredder, platform and refinery all gone. resources flying everywhere.

I think dynamite might be my enemy.

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