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2 hours ago, Dootdoot201 said:

It would be super cool if 2 players on Xbox could do cooperative game play. And if you choose to ignore this, plz don't!

They can... 

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I play on Xbox One maybe I can help understand why you’re having issues. Both players must own the game, have active Xbox Live Gold memberships (iirc) and they must also be friended to each other. Check and make sure all these things are active/true, then see if one of the persons interested in co-op play can invite the other to their world. I always recommend two people start out with a fresh save (avoids issues if it’s someone you’re not familiar with, so they don’t end up wrecking something you’ve worked on a long time in case they end up not playing nicely with others). Anyway once friended, the person who plans to host the game (and who’s already in their game) should go to their friends list and select the name of the person they’re going to host and invite them. The person who receives the invite accepts and the game should try to join them to the host’s world.

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