[0.9.2 - Steam] Open 3-Seat Print backwards on Large Rover

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Had the same problem yesterday. Absolutely annoying once I put a large storage on there. Zero visibility from lights afterward. Then tried to use TNT to remove it thinking I had built it wrong. Bad idea lol 1) blew up my large storage but the seat remained 2) blew the rover underground into a cave I had under that area (luckily I saw the top of the seat above the surface of the crater) 3) and somehow blew up my Hydrazine Catalyzer and table it was on, losing my 4 canisters but leaving the medium storage of ammonium. Thank god it left my vehicle bay intact that was in front of the catalyzer ? haha. Just spent precious resources building the rover and seat after my medium rover despawned between saves. Thing was attached to a STILL present rover with storage on it. 

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