Where to find research modules after voyage

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Would like to know where to locate lost research modules after return from exploration. The first time before the update I located them in an underground chamber. This time they have disappeared and the 2 underground chambers do not have them. Devs any idea on where to look. They are important for game use and continuance.

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If you are referring to the UNKNOWN research items that you find buried or attached to trees/exploders/mineral deposits, you should try to keep them attached to something.  Otherwise, they tend to clip through the geometry and end up sinking through the ground.  You might be lucky and find them in a cave directly beneath where they were.  Of course, platforms and vehicles are just as susceptible to clipping, though a "spiked" platform tends to stay put.

Wind storms can also blow stuff around, even underground.  That combined with the clipping may have them in a completely unexpected location.

If this was a save, then it is almost certainly due to clipping, as the terrain surface(s) have changed with the addition of new items/wrecks.

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