Bigger spaceships, like an XL one.

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Imagine putting an XL storage on a space ship, imagine flying with a absolute tone of astronium, imagine putting a researcher on a space craft and giving us a use for titanite! Imagine giving a space craft electricity! Wouldn't it be great!!??

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In that case, would not it be more interesting to design the ship yourself?

After all, now you can connect mobile platforms to one train, why not add the ability to connect the platforms of spacecraft in one common? Connect them vertically.

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There are new vehicles scheduled for release in the development roadmap.

On 8/10/2018 at 5:43 PM, Dootdoot201 said:

giving us a use for titanite!

You can currently smelt titanite and refine it to titanium, which you can use to craft oxygen tanks, the winch, and the so-important fireworks...

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