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My friend and I have a cool idea for something that could be implemented into the game. So for example, we already have technologies in the game, but what I am suggesting is that we could add things like autonomous robots, advanced vehicles (flying vehicles for planets with atmosphere and things like that) and just more complicated machines for players who want to go above and beyond with the grind. Dare I say this, but what I am suggesting is, for example, the equivalent of redstone for Minecraft as a mechanic for Astroneer. Something I think would be even cooler though is, like I said before, autonomous drone-type machines. For example, something that should be implemented is autonomous drones that can do surveys of the land to look for materials, a mining drone that can collect materials and dirt, and maybe even autonomous shipping of cargo through space so that you can essentially have a base all there for you when you get there. Though I understand this could be difficult and time-consuming to code, I think it would be a really cool and welcome addition to the game.

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Personally, I think the most important thing for this game is to explore. Because technology is full, aimless, do not know why!
If some equipment needs to explore the blueprint to solve it! At least it's more fun than now!
The technology you mentioned should be developed in the later stage. For example, to make a super-large building, need a lot of materials, these materials are not on the original planet, must go to other planets to find, then the robot is much easier to use!

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